John Gordon Bell

Prof John Gordon Bell BSc, PhD

T: +44 [0]1786 467997
E: gjb1 at stir dot ac dot uk

Professor of Nutrition

Gordon Bell has a BSc in biochemistry from the University of Edinburgh and a doctorate in fish lipid nutrition from the University of Stirling. He worked for 5 years at the NERC Institute of Aquatic Biochemistry, Aberdeen (1981-1986), then 3 years at the Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory, Oban (1986-1989) followed by 12 years at the Unit of Aquatic Biochemistry, University of Stirling (1989-1998), before taking up his current post at the Institute of Aquaculture. Current research interests include; The biochemistry and nutrition of fish, particularly salmonids, turbot, cod, sea bass, sea bream and halibut. Emphasis on; a) The study of lipid metabolism, particularly of polyunsaturated fatty acids, focussing on the replacement of dietary fish oils with vegetable oils b) nutritional factors in the prevention of free radical induced lipid peroxidation focussing on vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium and carotenoids. c) The study of organic lipid soluble pollutants, including dioxins, PCBs and PBDEs, and their accumulation in farmed fish d) The importance of n-3 PUFA and seafood intake in human nutrition, particularly with respect to neurodevelopmental disorders. Gordon Bell has co-authored over 130 scientific publications. He is a member of the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL) and is on the editorial boards of both the British Journal of Nutrition and Aquaculture Nutrition. Gordon Bell was Coordinator of EU Framework 5 programme Researching Alternatives to Fish Oils in Aquaculture (RAFOA; 2000-2005) and is Principal Investigator on the EU FP6 project "Sustainable Aquafeeds to Maximise the Health Benefits of Farmed Fish for Consumers (AQUAMAX; 2006-2010). Prof. Bell is also head of the Nutrition Analytical Service which undertakes commercial analysis for the Aquaculture, Food and Feed, Agriculture and Clinical sectors.