Trees for Life: Rod's Grove:

2nd April 2014

We have received this update from Trees life

I am writing because in November 2013 you set up a grove in memory of Dr Rod Wootten and I thought you would appreciate an update on this memorial, which was used to plant 68 trees in the wild mountains of the Scottish Highlands.

The trees you have planted for Rod are now growing on a hillside at Dundreggan, near Loch Ness, in beautiful Glen Moriston. They are part of new woodland that Trees for Life is planting across an expanse of 80 hectares. The woodland is called Allt Fearna after the small stream that flows through it.

The trees growing in Allt Fearna will help to expand an area of rare Caledonian pine forest and an ancient birchwood growing on the nearby mountain slopes, remnants of the vast forest which once covered the Highlands. Once the woodland is completed, there will be around 200,000 new trees in total, all of them funded by donations from people like yourself. As the trees grow to maturity, they will spread thousands of seeds to expand the woodland across the glen, creating homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Rod's trees include a mix of Scots pine and birch, along with aspen, rowan, hazel and juniper to reflect the range of species that once grew in the Caledonian Forest. They were all planted by volunteers and each personal dedication written on the grove page was read out as the trees were planted.

I have attached some photographs with my email, to help you visualise both the site and the trees planted in your grove. They are tiny just now, so I have also included a photo of some mature pines and birches at Dundreggan so you can see what they will look like one day. You can also learn more about the Caledonian Forest and see our volunteers planting at Allt Fearna in a short film on the home page of our website: Introducing Trees for Life.

It would be wonderful to show you Allt Fearna should you ever have the opportunity to visit the Highlands. We do have an Open Day there on 25th May 2014 with activities to take part in such as guided walks, biodiversity talks and feeding the wild boar. Should you be in the area, this free event would give you the opportunity to see what your donations have helped to fund. More information will be on our website shortly or please feel free to contact me for more information.

We are continuing to plant trees at Allt Fearna, with 40,000 trees planned for the spring and autumn planting season. If you would like to continue your passion for restoring the ancient Caledonian Forest, you can add more trees to your grove directly from your grove page at anytime.

Many thanks again for all the support you give to Trees for Life.