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Marine Biotechnology:
A new addition to our portfolio of Masters degrees

19 April 2013

The Institute of Aquaculture is pleased to announce the addition of an MSc in Marine Biotechnology to our postgraduate teaching portfolio. This new taught degree programme combines formal teaching with practical training and industrial visits to provide insight into the breadth and scale of the increasingly important marine biotechnology sector. Students gain experience in state of the art molecular biology and genomics, bioinformatics, and bioactive compound discovery and separation. Each student completes a research project in a strategically important subject aligned with active research programmes at the Institute, and our interests include drug discovery, development of novel industrial products and the enhancement of culture techniques for marine organisms.

Marine biotechnology encompasses a multidisciplinary community of scientists that aim to address key societal challenges such as ensuring sustainable food and energy production, improving and securing environmental health, and delivering novel products that enhance human wellbeing or are valuable to other industries. The Institute of Aquaculture in the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Stirling is recognised internationally for its research and teaching excellence. This challenging new course is provided by a team of academic marine biotechnologists in partnership with leading figures from commerce.

We are recruiting now for our September 2013 intake to the MSc in Marine Biotechnology course and are pleased to announce the availability of up to 15 fee-paid scholarships to applicants from Scotland or the European Union across the Institute of Aquaculture's programme. The course can be taken by full-time or part-time study. Further information, programme details and applications can be found here, or for general course enquires please email