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Aquaculture Enterprise Malawi:
A new entrepreneurial and markets-based approach to developing sustainable aquaculture in Malawi

21 March 2013

A Scottish business and research based consortium bringing together the Scotland Malawi Business Group, the University of Stirling and Microloan Foundation has been awarded a grant of £337,000 over three years from the Scottish Government’s International Development Fund to develop small scale commercial aquaculture in Malawi. Working with local private sector partners and a carefully selected number of existing fish farmers, Aquaculture Enterprise Malawi will develop the technical and value chain aspects of fish production, focusing on fish farmers located in close proximity to the country’s business capital Blantyre.

George Finlayson of the Scotland Malawi Business Group, a former British High Commissioner to Malawi, said:

“This funding has the potential to make a significant contribution to improving nutrition and food security in periurban areas of Malawi. The demand for fish in both rural and urban areas is booming, but largely unmet. We look forward to bringing a business, microfinance and markets-based approach to producing more fish, whilst also developing the communication and networking skills of key entrepreneurial fish farmers.”

For further details contact George Finlayson or William Leschen

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