Native Species Overview

Since 1983 Professor Lindsay Ross and Dr Carlos Martínez-Palacios have collaborated as Principal Investigators on the major theme of development of native species for aquaculture in Mexico and elsewhere in Central and South America. As well as promoting and developing aquaculture, our major concern has been to reduce the introduction and further redistribution and transplantation of exotic species with the numerous attendant problems that can arise.

A prime objective has been protection of biodiversity in vulnerable systems, an issue which is of growing concern. Our collaborative projects have focused on development of a detailed understanding of aspects of the biology and physiology of potentially important native fish species so that aquaculture technology can be established.

Our work has been supported by a number of agencies, including DEFRA (UK government), DFID (UK government), The British Council, CONACyT, SAGARPA, State and local governments and our host universities and research institutes.

Follow these links to see our work on Chirostoma [Menidia] estor, Cichlasoma urophthalmus and native shrimp.