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Planning for Improved and Sustainable cage Aquaculture in Lake Volta, Ghana

Terminal Workshop

Water Research Institute. Accra, Ghana: November 2015:
Prof Lindsay G Ross, Prof Trevor Telfer & Dr Ruby Asmah

Lake Volta Landsat

This terminal workshop for the project was organised in collaboration with the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, UK. It resulted from the three-year project entitled "Sustainable Cage Aquaculture in Lake Volta which has been funded by a Royal Society/Leverhulme Africa Award.

The Water Research Institute, Accra, Ghana, invited nominations from key Ghanaian Institutions for a one-day workshop which was opened by the Director of CSIR-WRI. The key presentations explained the results and outcomes from the project, especially those relating to zonation, aquaculture management areas (AMA's), water quality and carrying capacity. This was followed by breakout discussions amongst agency staff and experts. Some of the conclusions of the groups are available from the sidebar on the right.

All of the materials used are available from the sidebar (right). A range of resources and articles are also available for download. Don't forget to look at the web site for our first and second workshops which also contains links to a wide range of material and supporting documents.