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Environmental Management for sustainable cage aquaculture development

Water Research Institute. Accra, Ghana: March 2013:
Professor Lindsay G Ross, Dr Trevor Telfer & Dr Ruby Asmah

Lake Volta Landsat

This workshop was organised in collaboration with the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, UK, and forms part of a three-year project entitled "Sustainable Cage Aquaculture in Lake Volta, which is being funded by a Royal Society/Leverhulme Africa Award, UK. The Water Research Institute, Accra, Ghana, invited nominations of two representatives from key Ghanaian Institutions for a four-day workshop on Environmental Management and use of Geographical Information System in decision support for cage aquaculture.

The workshop sessions introduced aspects of GIS and environmental modelling for decision support in aquaculture. The presentations and case studies (all accessible via the sidebar, right)were designed to introduce key elements of model construction and design and to inform participants of the state of the art in GIS and environmental modelling for aquaculture.

To conclude, Dr Ruby Asmah gave presentations on the Lake Volta cage aquaculture project, introducing partcipants to the concepts and objectives of the work.

Hands-on GIS case studies used the IDRISI Selva software and simple instructions on how to start and use IDRISI can be found in the sidebar (right). The software, as supplied, will run for 30 days from instalation, after which it needs to be licenced. Supporting resources for each case study can be opened or downloaded from the links in the sidebar (right).

Two articles providing guidelines for site selection aimed at cage culture in reservoirs and small scale inland pond systems (e.g. for tilapia) are available for viewing or download from the sidebar (right).