The Lake Volta Project: Outcomes and Capacity Building:

Participating Researchers:

Lindsay Ross

Professor Lindsay G Ross. PI: is Head of the Sustainable Aquaculture Research Group at the Institute of Aquaculture. He has 40 years of experience ot research and postgraduate training in aquatic resources and has a substantial publication record in the field having published over 300 articles and books. Current research interests include Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing for Spatial Planning and Management of Aquaculture and Investigation of indigenous species for Aquaculture development. Currently leads a strong research group with an international reputation in the sector, developing GIS & spatial analysis to support decision making for aquaculture including topics such as site selection, carrying capacity estimates, climate change, near and wide field environmental interactions, visual analysis and 3-dimensional hydrography. Prof Ross supports the spatial analysis aspects of the project.

Trevor Telfer

Dr Trevor Telfer. Co-PI: is a Senior Lecturer with 27 years experience in marine environmental assessment, including the last 18 years managing research and commercial projects at the Institute of Aquaculture. Research includes; Modelling environmental impacts of aquaculture wastes, ecotoxicology of aquaculture chemicals, environmental sustainability in aquaculture production and aquatic resources, and mitigation of aquaculture impacts using new technologies. He has published over 150 articles in peer reviewed or popular scientific journals and as consultancy reports. Dr Telfer supports the environmental modeling aspects of the project.

Ruby Asmah

Dr Ruby Asmah. Co_PI: holds a PhD in aquaculture and is currently Acting Head of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Division of the Water Research Institute. She was previously a teaching assistant in the Chemistry department of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. She has trained several undergraduate and post-graduate students from the Universities and Polytechnics in various laboratory analyses. She is an independent technical expert to a mining Company. She co-supervises Mr Karikari and also supervises Masters students who are undertaking research work under the project.

Anthony Karikari

Mr. Anthony Y. Karikari, is a Senior Research Scientist in the Environmental Chemistry Division of the Water Research Institute. Tony is pursuing a PhD programme under the project.

Dr. Osmund Ansa-Asare holds a PhD in Environmental Chemistry. He is a Principal Research Scientist and current Head of the Environmental Chemistry Division. Mr. William Arkoh, Mr. Michael Dorleku and Mr. Michael Afram are Technical officers at the Environmental Chemistry Division of the Water Research Institute asisting with field sampling and laboratory analysis of samples